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Welcome to Nordic Garlic

Welcome to Nordic Garlic store, where our ideology centers around creating the best possible garlic products, not competing with large chain producers. We believe in quality over quantity, and our main goal is to deliver an exceptional culinary experience like no other. Unlike mass-produced items, we focus on crafting limited quantities of premium garlic products, ensuring the unparalleled taste and uncompromising quality.

At Nordic Garlic, we understand that greatness cannot be achieved through mass production alone. That’s why we prioritize meticulous attention to detail and pour our hearts into every step of the process. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every jar, as we personally oversee the cultivation, drying, and production of our garlic products. We take immense pride in our small-batch approach, as it allows us to dedicate the necessary care and attention to each individual garlic bulb.

Premium products

In alignment with our ideology, we produce a limited quantity of just 200 kg of garlic products every month. This deliberate choice ensures that we can maintain the utmost quality control and preserve the true essence of our garlic. By focusing on smaller volumes, we can carefully monitor every stage of production, guaranteeing that you receive only the finest garlic products with every purchase.

Why choose Nordic Garlic?

While large chain producers prioritize mass quantities and uniformity, we prioritize flavor, aroma, and authenticity. Our passion lies in creating garlic products that go beyond the ordinary, providing you with an unforgettable taste experience that stands out from the crowd. We firmly believe that by staying true to our ideology, we can deliver products that consistently surpass your expectations.

By choosing Nordic Garlic, you’re not just purchasing garlic products. You’re joining a community that appreciates the artistry and craftsmanship behind each jar. We invite you to savor the exceptional flavors, the exquisite aromas, and the dedication we pour into our limited batch production.


Explore our range of premium garlic powders, granules, crushed garlic, and handcrafted spice mixes. Discover the difference that passion, attention to detail, and a commitment to quality can make in your culinary creations. Together, let’s embrace a culinary journey that celebrates the exceptional, one small batch at a time.

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