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Garlic lovers paradise – farmers market

If you are looking for the best garlic and fresh products, there is no place like a farmers market. Have you been to one? If yes then we will show you how can you improve your experience by getting the best value out of the local market. If not that is even better, you have one new great thing to explore in your life. It is a place that can bring countryside charm, festival vibes, and all-around best food for you.

What is the difference between a farmer’s market and a regular grocery store?

Vendors often grow their goods themselves. Either it is a family business, a local farmer, or some small farm sales tent. When you enter the grocery store you can find vegetables arriving there from all over the world. Who actually even knows what is in them if they can travel for weeks with container ships and then sit on that shelf for days being all strong and fancy looking?

Homemakers and artisans market in Valmiera, Latvia.

Producer as a friend?

It could only be done in the farmer’s market. Every customer has a chance to interact directly with the person who makes what he sells. You can gain a lot of information about the products you feed yourself and your family by asking them questions. When the products were harvested? What kind of minerals were used to grow food? How long has the farmer been growing specific products? You can even ask for tips for growing vegetables yourself. They really don’t care if you become their competitor in growing the same stuff. Surprisingly farming and agriculture are very dynamic industries, as farmers often change their minds about what to grow for the next season.

Here is our grandma’s garden where we go shopping regularly 🙂

Where you can find local a farmer’s market?

Google of course, just type in ”farmers market and your location”, and dig deeper. I’m sure in 10 minutes you will find the best option. But you can also look into your local newspapers, media, and government websites for events that take place around you. Check market working hours and prepare a bag for goods.

This is our trading tent. If see this come and say hi, we would love to tell you more about our products.

Which farmer’s market is our favorite?

As we come from Liezere which is located in Madona county, Latvia our favorites are the ones closer to us. Every 2nd Saturday of every month from April to October there is a local Madona market right next to the town hall. Near places like Vecpiebalga and Jaunpiebalga are markets where everybody knows our goods, that is where we need to be every time. Also, Valmiera City hosts one of the biggest markets in Vidzeme region.

Want to introduce your neighborhood to our goods?

If your local markets lack dried garlic products you can contact us at ojars@lancori.lv or somewhere here. We can discuss a partnership that will benefit not only both of us but also the people who live nearby your place. The samples you can order at our shop to decide which products are better for your audience. Of course, we sell fresh garlic and other garlic products so not always it would be a good idea to ship fresh garlic bulbs around the world. We will leave it for the big guys. But dried garlic products contain all the strong taste and smell, as well as all the good properties a fresh garlic bulb can offer. And the expiry time of these products is at least 2 years.

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