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About Us

Welcome to Nordic Garlic, a family business rooted in a rich tradition of garlic cultivation and the art of creating exceptional garlic products. Our family has been intimately involved in every aspect of garlic production, drawing upon our collective knowledge and experience to deliver the finest quality offerings to your table.

We understand that great taste begins with a passion for excellence and an unwavering commitment to quality. Our journey started in the fertile fields of Liezere, Latvia, where we nurtured our garlic crops with love and care. Guided by our ancestors’ wisdom, we have honed our expertise in garlic cultivation, carefully selecting the best bulbs and perfecting the art of preserving their extraordinary flavors.

As a family business, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, valuing authenticity, craftsmanship, and the close-knit relationships we have forged with our customers. Our commitment to quality is not just a business philosophy; it’s a reflection of who we are as individuals and as a family. Every jar of our premium garlic products embodies the passion, dedication, and pride that have been passed down through generations.

Our knowledge and experience have been carefully cultivated over the years, with each family member playing a crucial role in the success of our business. From planting and harvesting to the delicate drying process and the creation of our signature spice mixes, every step is infused with the invaluable wisdom and traditions that have been handed down through our family.

We take great joy in sharing the fruits of our labor with you. Our limited production of just 200 kg per month ensures that every product that leaves our hands meets our rigorous standards. By maintaining this focus on smaller volumes, we can continue to provide the utmost attention to detail and uphold the authentic flavors that make our garlic products truly exceptional.

When you choose Nordic Garlic, you’re not just purchasing garlic products; you’re becoming part of our extended family. We invite you to savor the remarkable flavors, embrace the rich heritage, and experience the warmth that comes from supporting a family business rooted in a passion for producing the best possible garlic products.

Thank you for joining us on this flavorful journey. Together, let’s celebrate tradition, flavor, and the joy of sharing remarkable culinary experiences, one jar at a time.

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