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The new garlic harvest has arrived

Our new garlic harvest has finally arrived. Although the weather was not on our side we managed to grow a pretty good garlic harvest. Of course, some of our beloved garlic bulbs did not make it, but we tried as hard as we could. We are very happy with the result and now we will be able to create new high-quality dried garlic products for our clients.

Our garlic fields are in Liezere, Latvia.

Where is the rain?

The rain was nowhere to be seen for the last few months here in Liezere, Latvia, so there was only one chance. The locomotive of this journey – Viktors went on watering garlic fields almost every evening. It needs to be done in the evening because if you water it during the day, all the water will evaporate in minutes. The night gives the water time to moisten the ground for longer hours.

Of course, when all the garlic was harvested, the rain didn’t stop for at least a week. 🙂

Harvest of course is just a small part of all this garlic adventure. Now we have a full-time job to get those strong vegetables to your home. We need to cut every garlic bulb’s stalk and root. We need to make sure every garlic has access to the air it needs to dry. Then we will save some for the next seed material, some of this garlic will travel to our factory where it will become the best quality dried garlic spice mixes and other dried garlic products. Of course, some of these good-looking bulbs will reach our customers fresh and ready to use in one of the local farmer’s markets. Find out more about fresh garlic buying here.

Breed “Ljubasha”

Our chosen garlic breed originally comes from the landscapes of Ukraine. The Ljubasha breed possesses a unique charm and exceptional flavor. Cultivated with care and dedication it brings Eastern European traditions to every kitchen where true power is recognized.

Ljubasha is also one of the best breeds to be grown in Latvia. It has brought us very excellent harvests and not-so-good harvests, but every year we are provided with good results. For now, there is not one empty year in our fields from Ljubasha.

Garlic harvest

Every harvest begins with a careful selection of garlic cloves for planting. Our family runs garlic in our veins so this operation is honed to perfection. We planted garlic cloves in the autumn of 2022, and a new harvest arrived in July 2023. We are very excited to share it with you through our dried garlic products. After the harvest Party garlic was left to dry in an outdoor tent where it is protected from the rain. However, the draft allows the garlic to get rid of moisture. Garlic bulbs now are at the peak of their freshness and can deliver excellent flavors to your kitchen.

Check out our store and enjoy the perfect taste.

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