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Garlic Powder – 1 litre


Garlic powder in a 1-litre bucket (700 grams)

Ingredients: Dried garlic

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Garlic powder 1-litre package (700 grams)

Ingredients: Dried garlic

Finely crushed dried garlic allows you to instantly add its strong flavor without chopping, slicing, or grinding.

Where is garlic powder used?
This natural seasoning can be used for meat, fish dishes, cold and warm salads, stews, etc. Making your favorite cold garlic sauce will be easy – cream, garlic seasoning, and the sauce is ready. Garlic butter can also be made much faster. Of course, it will also give a more expressive taste to warm sauces. Garlic powder is very suitable for potato pancakes and many other dishes.

Weight 700 g


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