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Garlic Flakes – 1 litre


Product Details:

Quantity: 1 liter = 300 grams

Ingredients: Dried garlic

Origin: Locally grown garlic in Latvia

Packaging: Sealed for freshness

Shelf Life: Long-lasting aroma and flavor

Preparation: Ready to use, no peeling required

Discover the immense flavor and convenience of garlic flakes. Try them today and infuse your dishes with the unmistakable taste of high-quality, locally sourced garlic!

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Garlic flakes are a natural, aromatic, and flavor-packed product crafted from locally grown garlic in Latvia. Embrace the versatility of garlic flakes – they can be added to almost anything, giving your dishes that perfect touch of garlic essence! The best part? Quick preparation – no need to peel or clean garlic cloves.

Uses of Garlic Flakes:
Roughly crushed garlic flakes, also known as granules, are perfect for meat drying, broth preparation, meat and fish baking, smoking, grilling, salads, sautéed dishes, pilafs, marinades, and so much more. Explore the culinary wonders of garlic flakes and elevate your cooking to new heights!

Weight 300 g


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